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Dr. Lalit Mohan Sharma is a Senior Consultant Haematologist and Medical Oncologist in the Department of Medical Oncology at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan. After his MBBS, he obtained an MD in Paediatrics from RNT Medical College, Udaipur. This was followed by a three-year senior residency cum fellowship in Clinical Haematology from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Subsequently, Dr. Sharma completed a three-year fellowship in Medical Oncology and stem cell transplantation from the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. He worked from November 2003 to October 2006 at the Ratan Cancer Hospital in Kanpur before moving on to his current posting. He obtained further training in the form of the European Certification in Medical Oncology in 2007. In addition, he is a Fellow of the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas.

Dr. Lalit Sharma has been active in research, as Principal Investigator in several clinical trials, and various other studies detailed elsewhere on this website. Several of his papers have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. He has been a regular recipient of prestigious awards over the years for various contributions in his field.

Dr. Lalit Sharma is actively involved in community health services and social activities in many ways and at various levels. Realising that almost 70 per cent of patients he has dealt with are admitted in advanced stages of cancer, he has been motivated to create greater cancer awareness among the masses. To this end, he has been organising cancer detection, consultation and awareness camps frequently for the last seven years in rural areas, districts and small towns of Rajasthan.

Dr. Sharma has been active in the area of health education and the anti-tobacco campaign in schools and colleges. He has delivered talks and conducted workshops for over 50,000 students in various institutions, emphasising the hazards and habit-forming nature of tobacco-based substances to the youth. He has educated participants on easy ways to quit these habits and makes children take an oath towards non-consumption of tobacco. He has extended this educational campaign to factory workers at Bhilwara in Rajasthan. His workshops regularly reinforce the dangers of tobacco and alcohol consumption to workers, and factory owners are urged to offer incentives to employees who abstain from substance abuse.

Dr. Sharma is in the process of making a movie on common bad habits and the ill-effects of tobacco. Currently he is also involved in the VOTV (Voice of Tobacco Victims) project, a national agency working on the campaign for "No Tobacco", wherein the government is being approached for implementation of COTPA (The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act). He has also had a considerable amount of media exposure, having participated in shows on breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc, on Care World TV channel, ETV channel, and on numerous radio programmes.

Dr. Sharma is a member of the Rajasthan state committee of the Swami Vivekananda Kendra and the Asian Institute of Sciences, Medicine and Agriculture (AISMA). The Kendra imparts lessons about the real values in life and the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, which are discussed in workshops held for youth and teenagers. College volunteers help him in the execution of anti-tobacco plans in educational institutes, and inter-school and inter-college competitions are held on Vivekananda's teachings and principles. He is one of the directors of AISMA, which endeavours to help needy patients and runs educational programmes, both for students as well as doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. Discussions are held at various platforms on subjects such as of prevention of cancer, heart diseases, etc, modification in lifestyle towards healthy food habits, and the role of yoga and physical activities.

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