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Dear Friends It was a great day today. International happiness day... I feel happiness comes from inside. The best part of happiness is the joy of giving, helping, sharing. Giving does not mean giving money / gifts etc. Even a smile is sometimes best gift. I am thankful to my teacher Dr.(Prof) Purvish Parikh for Making us happy to learn the digital medical world in a very simple way. Thanks to Dr.Hemant Malhotra, Dr.Rajgovind Sharma, Dr.Ajay Bapna, Dr.Naresh Somani, Dr.Sandeep Jasuja, Dr.Mukesh, Dr.Sanyo Dsuza, Dr.Deepak Shukla, Dr.Divesh Goyal, Dr.Anil Gupta, Dr.Tej Prakash Soni, Dr.Rajesh Khurana and others for making this live discussion Keep spreading happiness. Same with come back to us
  • 2018-03-20T18:30:27

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