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Dear Friends You will agree with me that cancer is now a life style disease. More than 60% of Cancer in adults are related to our life style. In india tobacco, alcohol, infections are major cause of cancer. The cure rates in cancer are higher in developed countries. Most cases will n our country are reaching to cancer doctors in advanced stage. More than 50% cancer patients not surviving for more than a year. There is strong need of awareness among common man. 40% cancers and 39% heart attacks can be prevented by avoiding Tobacco habits. I have delivered a cancer awareness talk in Suratgarh. I am thankful to Dr.Rakesh Chabra, Dr.Sanjay Bajaj, Dr.Beniwal, Sh.Anil Ji for arranging this. More than 70 participants took an oath for no consumption of tobacco.
  • 2018-04-22T12:48:58

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